Thursday, July 14, 2016

What I Haved Learned About Healing And The Soul Journey

I have been a healer of many modalities since 1978.  As a nurse, I worked in the Intensive Care Unit and in the field of Dialysis for over 30 years.  I learned much about acute and chronic illness.  I saw deep pain and suffering not only with the patients, but with the family members too.  Later in life I became an acupuncturist.  I thought there must be a proactive way to minimize or prevent some of the illnesses that I saw happening with people.  Though my acupuncture practice, some illness was minimized or even prevented on some level.  Still I saw suffering in many aspects of life that affected my clients on the physical level too as it related to relationships, finances and much more.  When I met Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha in 2009, I saw that there was hope for healing at a much deeper soul level.  My experience since becoming a soul healer was that if you can receive soul healing with alternative healing the results were dramatically improved.  Now I have come to realize that receiving healing whether it be on the physical or soul level is still not enough even with the dramatic improvements that I have witnessed.  Since we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, true healing needs to be a continuous process since we are here to heal not only this lifetime but for many lifetimes.  Healing has layers.  For healing to occur in almost a continuous way, we need to serve.  It is through our service that we continue the process.  To become an unconditional servant for humanity is the greatest service not only to other but also to continue our healing journey.  There are many ways to serve and be a healer.
In the summer of 2010, the Divine released Divine Healing Hands to humanity through Master Sha.  This brought great hope for healing on so many levels.  There are many miracles of Divine Healing Hands healing that have occurred through those that have the ability to offer Divine Healing Hands soul healing.  Many that have received the honor to be Divine Healing Hands soul healer are not healing practitioners.  They are mother, fathers, grandparents, teachers, work in technology, lawyers just to name a few.  Through offering the Divine Soul Healing, many have had their own healing response with greater stamina, vitality, immunity and healing for relationships and finances.  I see this in my own clients that are now Divine Healing Hands Healers.  They are healthier and happier!
They are moving not only on their physical journey but their spiritual journey!  They are serving at the highest level through God's Healing Hands!
You too can become a Divine Healing Hands Healer!  Here's how!  Watch the video below!  Hear the sacred calling, then go to and apply!  There will be a Global Training Event on September 23-25th in local areas and by webcast.  There is follow up support and training to help you to become a powerful soul healer! You can also contact me, Master Debra Manning for any questions at  It would be my greatest honor to serve you!

Let's join hearts and souls together to help humanity in this difficult time!  Lets join together to help humanity heal with Divine Healing Hands!

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