Welcome to Rejuvenate Center

Rejuvenate Center was created in 2007 in a small room in the back of a hair salon.  I dreamed of opening a center that would help people heal on a deeper level.  Rejuvenate Center is now a dream come true.  After meeting my spiritual teacher and father, Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha in 2009, in just 6 years we have a full operating center offering services that can help people heal on the soul, heart, mind and body level.  I am very grateful to have been appointed as a Master Teacher of the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment on June 21, 2015.  As a Master Teacher I can offer Special Services that can accelerate your healing and spiritual journey.  Rejuvenate Center is open 5 days a week M-T-W-F and Saturday offering the following services:
Divine Soul Healing Services
Crown Chakra Blessings
Divine Healing for a Condition, Organ or Part of the Body
Energy Centers
Protection Packages
Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing Session
Divine Soul Operation
Calligraphy Soul Healing Session
Akashic Record Readings for Health, Relationships and Finances
Divine Soul Healing Wave Blessings
Tao Guang Zha Shan Soul Healing Blessings
What is Soul Healing?
Holistic Health Services
Acupuncture Sessions
Facial Rejuvenation Sessions
Foot Detox Sessions
Life Guidance Sessions
I am honored to serve you on your physical and spiritual journey.
Wishing you Health and Happiness,
Master Debra Manning RN LAc
Master Teacher for the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment
For more information on Rejuvenate Center please see my Website or call 602-923-1125.


  1. Love this! So happy for you and every soul in Phoenix! Love u!